Thursday, 4 February 2016

Project of the week: Oriental

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In celebration of the Chinese New Year on the 8th February 2016 this week we are giving away a special download (click here) from our beautiful Glitter and Glitz Oriental Crafting CD Rom! 

the only question is what will you create...?!

We made this a mini book with hidden message!
Hidden Secret!
3 x A4 White Card
Topper and Paper
Distress Inks
Versa Mark Ink
Crystal Print Magic
1. Cut one piece of card 25cm x 17.5cm.  Along the long edge from the left mark at 11.5cm.  Do the same from the right.  Score down at these marks to create your book.  Round the corners if you wish.
2. Cover your book with backing paper.  Blend Distress inks over the paper to give your book a vintage feel.  Also blend Distress inks over the inside of your book.
3. Take one piece of card and cut to 14cm x 19.5cm.  Score a line at 2cm from each side.  Snip into the corners and make up a box base using strong glue on the corners.  Blend Distress inks over the edges as above.  Attach the base inside your book.
4. Score and fold an A4 card in half to make an A5 card blank.  Attach your topper right up to the fold line.  Cut out both thicknesses of card matching the shape of your topper.  

5. Make sure you don’t cut all the folded edge off.  Cover the topper with Versa Mark ink and pour Crystal Print Magic over.  Tip off the excess and heat with a heat tool from underneath to melt the powder.  
6. Attach a length of ribbon to the front and back of your book and tie a bow.  Attach the card to the front of your box over the ribbon using double sided tape.

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